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Distribute Commercial Refrigeration Lighting

Distributing Commercial Refrigeration Lighting
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Lighting International is a leading manufacturer of lighting for commercial refrigeration display cases.

Promolux makes specialized lighting for food display cases, combining the merchandising advantage of superior color rendering with benefits of longer shelf life and reduced levels of harmful heat and light emissions. Keep track of current trade shows to contact our representatives directly.

Are you a potential Promolux distributor?

Promolux Specialty Lighting invites you to become a distributor of specialty lamps designed specifically for food display showcases. Your business can provide regional service and information to local food retailers about the many applications where showcase lighting products are used to improve visual appeal and sales performance of their store displays.

Lighting applications for the retail food industry include meat and seafood displays, baked goods, milk, cheese and ice cream displays, delicatessen and hot food service displays, fresh vegetable, fruit and floral displays, beverage displays and other commercial display lighting.

Promolux lighting bring superior illumination to all visual marketing displays especially where superior color balance and protection of colors and surfaces are important. First designed for the food industry where extending shelf life of fresh foods is important, Promolux Safe Spectrum technology is now used for increasingly varied applications such as art displays, cosmetics, porcelain and fine fabric displays and other light sensitive materials.

When you become a supplier in your region for commercial display lighting applications, Promolux will provide training and refer sales leads. You can increase your expertise and specialize in lighting commercial refrigeration units or expand to supplying Promolux lighting to all grocery retail stores and supermarkets in your region.

As a distributor of lighting products, you can generate higher margin sales by distributing specialized commercial lighting products to supermarkets, store equipment suppliers and other clients in your area.

See our lighting distribution information page and complete our New Distributor form.

Low Radiation Balanced Spectrum Lighting is Food Safe and Profitable

Achieving superior visual presention and extending the shelf life of fresh foods are both critical issues for retailers who rely upon high quality fresh and refrigerated food displays to attract retail sales. Perishable foods displayed under lights in display cases always suffer some damage over time from the effects of heat and light radiation, caused by infrared and ultraviolet rays. In addition, everyday lighting is often too bright and frequently produces washed out colors with strong yellow and green portions of the visible spectrum. PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum Lighting helps improve the appearance of all kinds of goods on display and helps extend the effective shelf life of perishable foods.

What is Promolux Specialty Lighting?

Promolux employs full Balanced Spectrum technology, a proprietary phosphor-coating process that produces natural, balanced display lighting and filters out ultraviolet, infrared and visible spectrum wavelengths that are damaging to foods and other specialty products.

Promolux commercial display lighting gives retailers the ultimate merchandising advantage for food service displays. Unlike general purpose lighting, the balanced full spectrum of Promolux does not distort colors with too much yellow or green. Under Promolux lamps, all colors are more vibrant and appealing.

Safe Spectrum food safe lighting from Promolux specializes in lighting refrigerated food displays and other fresh foods. With over twenty-one years of experience, Promolux has become an industry leader in the application of outstanding lighting design to the commercial display of fresh foods.

Join the leading team of distributors of specialty lighting for food displays by adding Promolux lamps to your product line.

Information for Promolux Lighting Distributors:

  • Promolux display lamps are sold through local distributors who can provide excellent service and expert advice on the best use of Promolux fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen food lamps.
  • Promolux provides training in food safety and the effects of showcase lighting on food shelf life and food safety, giving you the edge needed to become a local authority on appropriate lighting for food applications.
  • Promolux will refer supermarkets and other food industry clients to you.
  • As you expand into new markets, you will find new opportunities to sell your existing product line.
  • Promolux lamps use existing ballasts and fixtures, and are available in standard sizes such as T5, T8, and T12. Lamps are fragile and difficult to ship individually, which is why we don’t sell direct.

Get more information about becoming a distributor of Promolux true color lighting.